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Ebenezer takes its name from Scripture:

“Then Samuel took a stone and set it up

between Mizpah and Shen.

He named it Ebenezer (“stone of help”) saying,


‘Thus far has the Lord helped us.’”

--- I Samuel 7: 12

The roots of Ebenezer go back to the Scotch Irish settlers of Wolf Creek Township who built a structure at the crossroads of Scrubgrass Road and the old Harrisville Road. Eighteen hundred fifty-four is the date designated as that of the founding, but there is evidence that a church existed before then.

In 1893, in an effort to provide more space for Christian Education and to find a more favorable location, a new building was constructed in Centertown. The congregation grew, and in 1937 a basement was built under the structure. On February 11, 1958, this church was destroyed by fire.

After a period of deliberation, during which the congregation worshipped with the Springfield Church congregation, a brick church was constructed at a new site on Scrubgrass Road, just east of Route 173. The present church structure was dedicated on March 6, 1960.

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Ebenezer Church At Centertown

  • 1854  Designated founding of the church

  • 1871  Joined the Butler Presbytery of the United Presbyterian Church of North America

  • 1879  Disbanded. Church was sold to J.C. Irwin for $75.50

  • 1881  Ebenezer Congregation reformed and bought back the church for $80

  • 1883  First Installed pastor

  • 1893  September 23 Centertown Church was constructed at a cost of $2,036.80. The church debt was liquidated in 1898.

  • 1903  Joint parish with Springfield

  • 1914  Scotch Hill joined to form a triple charge

  • Early 1930's, Centertown was the first church in the area to have electric lights when Claire Gildersleeve wired the church and ran a 32-volt generator in his garage to the church providing enough power for lights.

  • 1958 February 11  Fire destroyed Centertown Church

  • 1960  March 6 Dedication of new church building on Scrubgrass Rd

  • 1963  These churches joined together to form a parish: Amity, Ebenezer, Irwin, Millbrook, Scotch Hill and Springfield

  • 1980  Ebenezer withdrew from the parish

  • 1994  Installation of 45 stained-glass windows by John Meyerhoff of Grove City

  • 1995  Hired first full time pastor

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centertown sign.JPG

Sign from the side of the Centertown Church, removed during the fire.

(February 11, 1958)

The sign sits upon a part of the original hand-hewn beam, which was later used in Ellsworth Jamison's sheep barn.

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